Playing a fringe yet stylized version of noise and industrial that is intelligent, expressive, and powerfully physical, Dreamcrusher is the solo musical endeavor of multidisciplinary artist Luwayne Glass- hailing from Wichita, Kansas. Formed in 2003, reveling in the aughts of myspace, tumblr, soundcloud and other social media sites, Dreamcrusher began as a project of self-discovery and self-release while contained in a queer, gender non-binary (they/them pronouns, not he/him or she/her), Black body in America’s Bible Belt. Creating over thirty releases, splits, extended plays and singles all before 2014, without ever releasing a full-length album, each project shows drastic individual growth while sitting in many scenes that often don’t lend themselves to explicit artistic morphing. The Dreamcrusher project and their releases have become increasingly more personal, confrontational, concise and challenging. They choose not to underestimate the intelligence of their audience.