Ricardo Basbaum

Ricardo Basbaum (São Paulo, born 1961) is known as an artist, curator and writer. His theoretical and philosophical research focuses on the concept of the “organic line,” as developed by Brazilian artist Lygia Clark. Her interest in the “continuity between artwork and real world” finds its correspondences in Basbaum’s art practice, which takes the form of installations, spatial interventions, drawings and conversational pieces extending over several years and continents. The wall diagram at Ludlow 38 is part of the ongoing Me–You series. On a monochrome background a relational map of lines and words sketches heterogeneous encounters and time zones with feedback loops. “A diagram is conceived of as a surface which triggers thinking processes, narratives, histories, stories. In that sense, if you let yourself be captured by its lines and words, you will be taken elsewhere – and when you get back, you won’t be the same; such is the promise articulated in transformational processes.”