Azin Feizabadi’s “Cryptomnesia”, screening and artist talk

February 14, 2016


Courtesy the artist
Courtesy the artist

Azin Feizabadi—Cryptomnesia

2014, 73 min

B. 1982, Tehran, Iran. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Cryptomnesia traces the director’s asylum odyssey through Europe in the early 1990s, a journey that came to an end in the West German city of Dortmund. In a blend of fact and fiction, Feizabadi’s personal memories intercut with the experiences of his protagonist as well as the history of the city Dortmund and that of cinema. Feizabadi’s film examines the relationships between personal, media, political and urban history and their past and present reciprocal influences, while addressing the question of how the rearrangement of these relationships enable us to find a language for such a complex phenomenon as migration.