h.arta group with Liz Linden and Jen Kennedy

November 5, 2011


For their current exhibition at Ludlow 38, h.arta group developed a new work in collaboration with Montreal-based writer Jen Kennedy and New York-based artist Liz Linden. Parallel Readings (2011) is the result of an ongoing e-mail exchange of images, articles and advertisements taken from mainstream women’s magazines in Romania and North America. The magazines generalize the post-feminist stance and present feminist struggles as outdated, associating the freedom of women with consumerism, individualism, and embracing traditional gender roles. In connection with this new work, Ludlow 38 hosts a playful, informal event during which visitors will be invited to discuss how different historical legacies (state feminism in Romania of the 1950s and 60s and the social movements in the North America around the same time) led to similar globalized post-feminist stances in the mainstream media. The discussion will also explore the possibilities for meaningful and relevant feminist positions in the global context we live in today.

contemporary feminism