How to Make a Monument (Dis)appear

July 5–29, 2018



Mały Powstaniec (The Little Upriser)
Mały Powstaniec (The Little Upriser)

The exhibition, especially conceived for Ludlow 38, is based on a set of questions regarding the legal status, rights and responsibilities of art in public spaces (both outdoors and in Museums, Universities, etc.) including contemporary forms of censorship and historical revision. It draws on a few very specific stories relating to contemporary figurative art and forms of public monuments found in the former Communist Block, as well as the current debate around the removal of Confederate and other colonialist and/or racist statues in the US.

Commissioned and organized by The Agency for Legal Imagination operating throughout 2018 at MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38.

With the kind supported of, Adam Mickiewicz Institute; Beach64retreat; MonkeyFab