Sidsel Meineche Hansen, OVER

June 1–July 2, 2017

The exhibition opens on Thursday, June 1, 6—9pm

Followed by an afterparty with a DJ-set by Working Women from 9pm
at La Caverna, 122 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002
co-hosted by Essex Street


OVER is both the title of Sidsel Meineche Hansen’s solo exhibition at MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38, and an augmented reality app currently being developed as part of the show. In the exhibition, a series of wall-mounted hollow-eyed sculptures resembling emoticons, wax cast in silicon metal, function as trigger-objects for the app. Once recognized, a superimposed layer of animation, activated through a smartphone camera, narrates a short recorded script read by an anonymous A.I. robot, which discusses its exploitation in the tech industry.

The app also casts a virtual anti-nazi symbol into any physical location in and outside of the exhibition. This function is a prototype for a collective venture that aims to maginalise user generated Alt-right and fascist content in digital space.

OVER continues previous works by Hansen that consider virtual space as a continuation of capitalist reality. The exhibition was preceded by this is for you. you are a community. this is my performance. you are my material. this is a prison. leave when you want. by keyon gaskin on May, 23, and Robot Means Forced Labor; two public talks by Anson Rabinbach on May 18, and Louis Chude-Sokei on May 20, initiated by the artist and co-organized together with Saim Demircan within the framework of Hansen’s exhibition.