Anne Neukamp—Rollladen 2016

March 4–December 13, 2016

Anne Neukamp radicalizes Ludlow 38’s rolldown gate while at the same time putting it at risk. Carrying on the gate’s repetitive visual rhythm, her work simultaneously disrupts its function as a means of blocking entry to the exhibition space. With Rollladen 2016, Ludlow 38 will be continuously open from March 4 through the end of the year. On view only when the door to the art space is closed, Neukamp’s outdoor painting articulates ambiguously shifting modes in communication.

A matter of central importance to this year’s program at Ludlow 38 is the need to reformulate questions related to migration issues. In this respect, an echo resonates from the recurrent motif on the rolldown gate in Chinatown: How do new technologies affect people’s ties to their homelands, and how do they impact on the experience of migration?

Curated by Nina Tabassomi

Graphic design: Leila Tabassomi